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To be successful in AWARE WELLNESS, you require only two things. First, to believe in what you dream and second firm belief on AWARE WELLNESS.which is a positive way to meet your dream?

A warm ‘Namashkar’ from MONU KUMAR DHARIWAL to all my friends. I welcome you to the mesmerizing world of AWARE WELLNESS.

The business of direct selling was way back started on 1920 and today it has crossed the maximum limits of any other business. It’s gross value is more than 110 billion and its growth is estimated to be more than 300%. Today it has well evidenced that for an extra income and financial freedom, direct selling is the utmost successful and secure way of obtaining it. With the help of this one way, a common person can become multimillionaire.
Almost 500 years ago, Columbus gave challenging to a universally accepted law that the “Earth is Flat”. Though it was practically challenging at that time to claim such a big fact but; Columbus was brave and courageous because of which his discovery gave us a new direction and vision. Just like Columbus, I am offering you a golden opportunity to give a birth to a new productive vision- To live a successful happy life and to make your dreams come true which you are not able to make due to any un-claimed reason you do not want to share with.

Aware Wellness India Pvt. Ltd. offers a golden opportunity for those who wish to start their own home based business from their own leisure time to achieve their maximum financial freedom. Where the products are sold by the consumers and it should be recommending to the another consumer without advertisements & middlemen, to create a simple yet powerful money creating system

My best wishes are always with you, I am with you and the whole AWARE WELLNESS Management Team is